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A world of adventure

A party of Highlanders battle for freedom when an Invading Ronan Army takes them prisoner they fight their way clear, only to discover they must make allies and gather the clans to fight to save their nation. Named men, mad men, wild men, creatures, the elements in the tundra of North all threaten to overwhelm them. Kosh a land of snow, mud and blood where pride and passion count for more than privilege and education (which is fortunate for the protagonists have little of the latter!)

The Goat Clan celebrate the coming of age of their young, they gather with all the other nomad clans of the deserts, at the holy city, when they shame themselves and leave the yearly festival early. As they trudge off, they witness a colossal titan destroy the city clawing its way from the earth and striding north and behind it poor the legions of hell. How will they survive and unite the remnants of the clans to fight the evil and save Halaria?

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